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Eco park and Cave Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha

Eco park and Cave Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get my deposit or payment refund?

If you send a deposit, You get your full refund (less 2 usd) if you can cancel up to 7 days before the tour.

If you pay the full amount of the tour and you cancel we get you back the full amount if you report less than 7 days before the trip.If not you ll pay only 25usd.

If you do not request it we will provide corn,beans,blankets,rice,medecines,clothes,etc to the Mayan comunities.

2. Diving and snorkeling in the same group?

We can make tours with divers and snorkelers together.Normally those are performed in different cenotes because of the skills of the divers.

We combine Diving with the other part of the trip (zipline,canoe and open cenote).

So you can dive and later join your family or friens at the other activities.

3. How do I get to cenotes Labnaha?

Google Maps location.

Car Rental.

Most of our visitors use this option.They use the car to visit other places near Cenotes Labnaha.

The most important ones are Akumal,Xcacel Beach and tulum Ruins.

Colectivo bus.

Bahia Principe.......... Bus Colectivo to Tulum.Ask the driver to stop at Cenotes Labnaha.
Hotel Oasis.............. Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Akumal................... Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Sirenis.................. Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Barcelo.................. Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Palladium................ Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Dorado................... Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Catalonia,Belair......... Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Barcelo.................. Bus Colectivo to Tulum
Hard Rock................ Bus colectivo to Tulum
Flamenco Xcaret........... Bus colectivo to Tulum
Playa del Carmen ....... Bus colectivo to Tulum

Dreams Tulum............ Bus colectivo to Playa del Carmen.
Tulum Hotels Down town... Bus Colectivo from Tulum Downtown to Playa del Carmen.Ask the driver to stop at Cenotes Labnaha.
Tulum Holtels Beach .....Taxi to Tulum Downtown and then bus colectivo to Playa del Carmen or taxi direct to Labnaha Cenotes.

Cancun Hotels ........ ADO Bus to Tulum Ruins(90 minutes) and from there Colectivo Bus to Playa del Carmen(like 7 minutes only)

Cozumel Island or Cruise ship...... Contact us.


We recommend to ask the taxi driver to transportate you to Cenotes Labanaha at km 240 of the Federal Road 307.For more info you can tell the driver that Cenotes Labnaha is between Xelha and Hotel Dreams Tulum.Always ask the price before using taxis,you can get extremely different budges!!

Do not ask him to wait for you because is very expensive.Here we get you other taxi to go back or cacht the Colectivo bus.

Always ask the drivers the price before using them.

Big groups .

Get a taxi to come here and go back to the hotel with the colectivo.

Combination of Taxi and colectivo.

Get a taxi to come here and go back to the hotel with the colectivo.

Big groups.

Contact us

4. Can we get a Private tour for our family or friends?

The diferences between the general entrance are:

  • Starts at 10am. The general starts at 11am.
  • At the caves can choose betwen 2 differents options (the standart one and the pristine cave named holly river).
  • One guide for your group, no more persons.
  • 50% discount in T-shirt,photos or other stuff.
  • Briefing of the explorers or scientists.
Private tour is 159 usd.

5.Rainy days?

We operate everyday even with very bad weather or heavy storm.

It's a very good place to spend the day in a rainy day.

We only close 25 December and 1st January.

6.Zipline age and Weigth. iI there an age limit for the activities? Pregnancy?

No, there is not.

Kids can go attached to one of their parents.

They really enjoy these activities.

Maximum weigth at thte ziplines is 250 punds or 110 kg and have less than a 42inch waist. All participants must be able to understand and follow the guides’ instructions at all times.

You do not requiere a very good phisical contidion to perform all activities because the guides adapt your skills to the activities.

Unfortunately, pregnant women are not allowed to zipline for their own safety.

We have special tours for those that avoid ziplines.

7.How should one dress and what items should one bring to the expedition?

We recommend to use sandals or sneakers (no flip flop),comfortable clothing with a bathing suit on underneath. An additional set of dry clothes, a long sleeve t-shirt, and a towel are also encouraged. Please only bring biodegradable suntan lotion and mosquito repellent. Lastly, bring a credit card or cash for tips, photos, videos, crafts and souvenirs.

Note: To avoid the pollution of our Cenotes, we kindly ask you to not use any suntan lotion or mosquito repellent until advised by our guide.

8.How can I pay for my tickets?

All Credit cards.

All currencies:

For instance:"Mexican Pesos (MXN) at the rate "Dolar Venta" at the site ""

Some visitors decide to pay the full amount in advance with paypal.

Contact us at , so you don´t have to bring any money.

9.How long do the tours take?

Full tour takes more or less 5 hours.

Ziplines,Canoe & Open cenote is 3 hours aprox.

Cenote snorkeling is 2 hours

9.Can I pay my reservation deposit with credit card?

Yes, when you are at the paypal form of Reserve Your spots choose the option "Create New Account"

11.Booking for the next day?

Labnaha is a small organization. We do not have a reservation staff.So we answer the reservations the next day.If the reservation is for tomorrow you do not need a confirmation,use code TO17 at reception.Timetable for tours next day from 11am to 4pm every hour.Groups more than 10 people should have confirmation

We can design shorter tours according your needs.

15% dto

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