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Eco park and Cave Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha

Eco park and Cave Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha

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LabnaHa Eco park - Cenote Playa del Carmen Tulum-Things to do in Playa del Carmen & Tulum.Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2012 - 2019. Hall of Fame 2019.

Labnaha’s Eco park called the Magic Mayan World is one of the things to do in Playa del Carmen exclusively open for small guided groups. This Park offers different activities surrounded by an exuberant jungle and a subterranean world known as magical and sacred in the Mayan culture.

Experience an unforgettable descent on several zip lines into the Sacred Lakes which leads to the most spectacular traverse in the area. Refresh yourself afterwards in the Cenote Labnaha on a once in a life time snorkel tour. Labnaha operates only with small groups and counts with a visitor limit per day to avoid mass tourism and the negative impact on the Eco system which allows you to enjoy it without being surrounded by hundreds of people. Labnaha makes a big effort to teach you how to enjoy this Magic Mayan World in full terms without destroying it.

All activities are conducted with highly qualified and professionally trained guides.

The three Cenotes are connected by Eco paths guided through theme paths with explanations and names of the local flora and fauna in the park.

The entrance fees are used to protect a great variety of animals and trees in danger of extinction because of the ecological changes in the Riviera Maya caused by extensive constructions in the area and to provide funds to 3 small Mayan villages.

Cenotes Playa del Carmen Tulum

We are located just 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen or 10 from Tulum which makes it perfect to plan a last minute tour without having to travel hundreds of kilometres on the highway and sitting for hours in a vehicle or moving from one activity to another one by car since all three activities are located inside the Magic Mayan Park.

Age is not a limiting factor since the activities adapt depending on the desires and abilities of the visitor.

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