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Eco park and Cave Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha

Eco park and Cave Exploration | Cenotes | Snorkeling | Labnaha

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Mayan and Cenotes

The Mayan territory extends over an area of more than 350.000 km, that includes a big part of the Mexican Southeast (the states of Yucatan, Campeche, Quintana Roo, and portions of Chiapas and Tabasco), Belize, the center and north of Guatemala , the northwestern border of Honduras and El Salvador. This region is very important, by its extensive forests, their rich coastal marine and its numerous flora and fauna of the areas of greatest biological diversity and richness of America.

This situation is the result of the multiple combinations that give rise to different types of relief, climate, vegetation and geological repositories that exist in the Mayan region, whose landscape is presented as a broad mosaic of environmental situations framed in three major areas: the highlands, which comprise the south of Guatemala and Chiapas, the southern lowlands, whose core covers the Guatemalan Peten and adjacent areas; and the northern lowlands, which included much of the Yucatan peninsula.


Very few is known about the religious traditions of the Mayan, the Mayan religion is not yet completely understood by experts. As well as the Aztecs and the Incas, the Mayans believed in a count of the cyclical nature of the time. The rituals and ceremonies were associated with terrestrial and celestial cycles that were observed and recorded in Mayan calendars. The Mayan priests had the task of interpreting these cycles and make a prophetic picture of the future or the past based on the number of relationships on all calendars. The priests were purified by means of fasting, abstinence and confession. It is usually applied before purification of large religious events. The Mayans believed in the existence of three levels of the cosmos or universe, namely : the earth, the heaven and the underworld.

The priestly group was, in reality, the more powerfull, since the religious authority had in their hands all the scientific knowledge, which was essential to the life in community. The high priest was called Ah K'in Mai or Ahau Kan Mai (Mr snake) and controlled the rituals and the sciences, wrote the mayan codices, both religious and historical, administered the temples and was the chief counsel of the Halach Uinik (maximum ruler, chief maya). The priests were called minor ahkin had several functions as speeches based on the mayan codices.
The Mayas represented the universe by a tree (Ceiba). The top was what today we would say "heaven". The roots were the Mayan Infraworld where are the gods who hold the earth and others.


The Mayan language is totally different to the Spanish. Mayan language or Yucatecan Maya is a language derived from the Amerindian Mayan trunk, which is spoken mainly in the Mexican peninsular states of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo, as well as to a lesser extent in Belize and some towns in northern Guatemala. It is commonly known as Maya, although many linguists used the Yucatecan Mayan term to distinguish it from other Mayan languages.

Writing in modern times: Mayan have used various forms of writing the language using Latin characters, since the arrival of the Spaniards. There is an official alphabet that was developed by linguists and specialists in the year 1984, that is officially recognized and used in the text books distributed by the Mexican state. You can find different variation of interpretation and representation of the languaje the same among the speakers than language experts. The Mayan Language approximately has 25 vowels and 10 consonants.


The Mayan families, usually had the number of seven to nine children, though hardly all survived.
They had a very peculiar idea of the beauty of the body, when a child was born, his head was deformed by placing on his forehead a table so that he was completely flat.This is named the Mayan Artificial Cranial deformation.
It is also hanged off objects in front of the eyes or the hung from the wedges, for that will be "crossed" as if that weren't enough, the mothers loaded them seamlessly on your hip to your legs arquearan, this position was called "hetzmek".

Garments of the Maya were highly dependent on the social class to that they belonged, and it is common that the ordinary people have to use clothing much more suitable for the daily work, still the men who used a class of trousers called pati while the women wore a skirt called huipil that until today continues to be used. Nowadays already to dress as us but in rituals and feasts occupy their traditional garments.

The Mayan and the Cenotes

The Cenotes create live around them the same than important rivers did with other huge civilizations.
Mainly there were some reasons:
1. A place to get water.
2. In some Cenotes is easy to hunt (wild pig, deere,etc)
3.Best place in case of hurricanes.
4. Mistical hub with the infraworld.
That was in the former Mayan Civilization, now the Cenotes play a important rol in the development of the eco tourism. Three important groups of people get benefits from the Cenotes is our case. First, the visitors (we do not have the world tourist), second , the Mayan communities and third the Labnaha Team (explorers,divers,guides,biologists,etc).

Cenote snorkeling, ziplines,eco parks,open cenotes,speleo cenotes, rappel,etc

Mainly the economy of the mayan was based in the agriculture and trade.
Nowadays they develop the Ecotourism for many reasons:
1. The poor soil of the land.The production of goods was not enought to get an excedent.
2. Even is there is plentu of underground rivers in some places was difficult to get water.
3.People from other regions or countries put the seed of the ecotourism that the mayan adopt with sucsess.
4. Different cenotes are dedicated to different activities.Open cenotes, caves,undeground rivers,etc.
As we said before,the Cenotes play a important rol in the development of the eco tourism. First the explorers like us discover a big amount of cenotes belonging to the mayan families.Later persons that create and design the activities according the types of cenotes and later groups ,agencies or individuals that promote those places that have a natural beauty.






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